About the name

Some trivial (and a little pedantic) words about the name of this blog: blogoben.

Basically, in English, the name must be just read as "Blog o’ Ben", a shorted form of "Blog of Ben" (Benjamin is my first name).

By the way, there is another blog with almost the same name on WordPress. So if you are looking for the evolution of a kid named Ben, here is the wrong place!

In French, what is meant is "Blog au Ben", which has almost the same meaning as the English version. The grammar is not completely respected (one translation could be "blog belonging to the Ben"), the spelling is incorrect as well, but it sounds definitely somehow friendly! The way the name is written fits in a strange habit in French about the wrong spelling of Internet names (for example "kelkoo.com" is a quite modern spelling of "quel coût").

In German, something I realized later, the name can be read as "Blog oben", what can be translated into "blog at the top"… It is obviously very far from my ambition with this blog, but remains an interesting coincidence.

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