WebGL Basics

This page lists the posts related to the mini-tutorial I’m writing about WebGL. It is a 3D OpenGL-like javascript API for web browsers. WebGL works currently in the stable versions of Chrome and Firefox. My examples (hosted on Google code) are at least working with Chrome.

If you want to reference this topic on my blog, please use this page as entry point.

Part 1: Context in canvas

Part 2: White 2D triangle

Part 3: Rotating triangle

Part 4: Wireframe 3D object

Part 5: Full transformation matrix

Part 6: Torus-shaped strip

Part 7: Colored torus

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    You may also be interested in Blend4Web which is designed as the primary tool for the Blender-to-WebGL tasks.


  1. WebGL Basics 7 – Colored torus « The Blog-o-Ben
  2. 3D Tetris with Three.js tutorial – part 5 : Smashinglabs
  3. js | Aaqib Portfolio

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